How To Look & Dress Expensive


The good news is that often, looking expensive doesn’t mean you need to go out and drop thousands of pounds on designer pieces. Fake it 'til you make it, we say.


Discover the secret to looking expensive, without breaking the bank with Founder of L.A- Space - Lorna's, top 6 tips:


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Get pieces tailored

First things first, you need to find yourself a good tailor. I tend to have most of my pants/jeans tailored a little and it makes them look a zillion times better.

It’s difficult to find clothing anywhere that fits us perfectly. We’re all different shapes and sizes and that’s beautiful, we were not made to look the same. Getting pieces tailored to fit our height, and body-shape will really elevate your look and create a point of difference to anyone else wearing them.


Change the buttons

So simple, yet so affective. Changing the buttons makes your clothing look less generic, switching out those plastic buttons for something more statement like gold, pearl and tortoise will add sophistication to your outfit.

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Black not brown 

No outfit is complete without a bag. A brown bag can look tired and dingy, whereas black will always look classic and expensive. A black bag will go with any outfit and is the perfect addition to a capsule wardrobe.


Keep it simple 

Less is more. Embellished pieces can look cheap if they aren’t high end, whereas classic pieces are harder to spot. Minimalist fashion is key for your everyday look, stick to clean lines and classic silhouettes in solid colours.


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Great underwear

It’s what’s underneath that counts, right? Great underwear will make your silhouette more streamlined. Seamless underwear with great control properties will not only make your outfit look more expensive, but it’ll also boost your confidence – and let’s face it, confidence makes anything look expensive.

Invest in hero coats and statement pieces 

Last but not least, invest in hero coats and statement pieces that can’t be duped. They’re way more valuable, and quality over quantity will mean you can attach memories to pieces as you where them on repeat.