A New Era of You.

L.A-Space started as an online mood-board of a grand and rich aesthetic. An idea brought to
life. Founded by one of the internet’s most successful influencers and content creators, Lorna Luxe.

Lorna has built a huge online community of like-minded people with a love for high-quality fashion.

This community is at the heart of all that L.A-Space is,

a community that has inspired every piece we have designed, and a community that we will continue to learn and grow with.

Our mission is to elevate traditional wardrobe staples; creating timeless, high-fashion and
high-quality garments to build your capsule wardrobe. Effortless silhouettes that celebrate
the feminine figure, without exception. Welcome to a new era of you.

We can’t wait to bring you along on this journey.

Thanks ever so,
The L.A-Space Team x