The 60, 30, 10 Colour Palette Rule

We’ve all heard of the 60-30-10 rule, but what exactly does it mean and why does it work so well? We’re here to breakdown this rule of thumb for you as we help you build your capsule wardrobe.

The ‘60-30-10’ concept follows the classic rule of three, building a palette of colours which can vary in tone and shade, it will create a clean and consistent aesthetic to your outfits. Using this colour theory will add balance and depth, allowing you to mix and match your staple pieces without feeling like you’re outfit repeating.

 So how does it work? Simply put, the rule goes as below…

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60 percent

This is your dominant colour, the colour you choose should represent 60 percent of your outfit - maybe the coat or dress you’re wearing.

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30 percent

The secondary colour should represent 30 percent of your outfit - often this will be base pieces like a white trainer white tee combo.

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10 percent

The accent colour you choose should represent 10 percent of your outfit - maybe a scarf or bag that pops against a neutral palette.


The reason this rule works so well, is that as you begin to build your capsule wardrobe you won’t impulse buy pieces that don’t fit the method. Once you establish a colour palette, you’ll find your buying choices become smarter and more cohesive. Building an excellent capsule wardrobe takes time and patience, but following this rule will get you there faster.


Apply this rule to interiors too… it’s a game changer.